New Single “Snakebite” by Nathan Bartgis Released

The new single “Snakebite” by Nathan Bartgis of the Nathan Bartgis Band has been released today on all digital outlets to stream and download.

The single was produced by Beverly Gosdin Jenkins and Buddy Hyatt and recorded at Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios in Nashville, TN in early December, 2018.

Written and performed by Nathan Bartgis. Additional musicians such as Buddy Hyatt, James Mitchell, Scotty Sanders and others worked on creating the single. Background vocals were provided by Michael Lusk. Engineering Vocals were provided by Ronnie Palmer.

The single was mixed and mastered by Buddy Hyatt.

Look for the Nathan Bartgis Band to be actively performing in 2019 as Nathan Bartgis and the band promotes the new single “Snakebite”.

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Nathan Bartgis (2019)